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Welcome to Your Last Job Site

OnlyRecentGrads.com will be the last site you visit to find an entry level, college graduate job. Some of the premier employers in the United States are here looking for YOU! This site is UNIQUE! It's not even a "job board". It's a "JOB MATCHING" site that matches employers with recent college graduates for entry level positions. Think of it as a "dating site". You're looking for a job, and our employers are looking for you. We simply provide the introductions. Are you ready to finally land that job? 

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Important Message From Our President

Undecided? View the important video below from Ron Yountz, and find out why OnlyRecentGrads.com is right for you!

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Why OnlyRecentGrads.com?

  • Targeted System +

    OnlyRecentGrads.com is specifically for College Graduates whom are looking for entry level jobs.
  • NOT A Job Board +

    OnlyRecentGrads.com is NOT a job board. Although we have a section for employers and recruiters
  • Employers Find YOU! +

    OnlyRecentGrads.com makes the recruiting process unique by providing searches on specific characteristics and offers candidates
  • Free To Try +

    Sign-up for our Free Basic Plan and then sit back and let employers come to
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What Our Candidates Say

  • There are so many job boards out there and I wasn't getting anywhere! Then I joined OnlyRecentGrads.com and within days I had my first "job match." This is absolutely the best job-matching site available for college graduates. Thanks OnlyRecentGrads.com!
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