What Is GradZpower?


Although we have a section for employers and recruiters to post current openings, our main focus is not a job posting board where a recent graduate will find themselves among millions of potential candidates seeking a job. By utilizing the GradZpower.com service, recent and upcoming graduates are removed from the general population of job seekers and their information is made available only to employers seeking entry-level positions. That means the recent college graduates will have a professional profile in place for any employers seeking their services.
GradZpower is dedicated to making upcoming and recent college graduates look their best for employers and recruiters that are looking for the ideal entry level candidate. Who you are, how you look and what you do is YOUR brand. Build your brand here at GradZpower. This is the place where employers will come to find you! Become a member because this is the future, your future.


When you accept a job and are no longer available, please contact us to cancel your membership. No hassle, no questions asked.

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